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From the landscape of the romantics to the artof the land. Representations of the Greek landscape in the arts from the 18th until the late 20th century (painting, engraving, photography)

Scientific responsible: Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos

The project aims at the systematic recording and study of the pictorial production (paintings, prints and photographs) of the Greek natural landscape from the 18th to the 20th century.


Ευρωπαϊκη Εδαφικη Συνεργασια Balkan-Mediterranean

Ευρωπαϊκη Εδαφικη Συνεργασια Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020


Industrial Property Policies in Greece during 20th century (Spyros Tzokas)

The research project studies aspects of public policy in the fields of Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Geographical indications, Trade Secrets), Technical Standardization and Managerial/Organization Methods following the research of experts’ communities (engineers, scientists, lawyers, economists) in the Greek state and abroad. The aim of the project is to highlight the conditions that allowed (or prevented) the production of a "primary innovation" in the Greek case during the 20th century.


Searching for Oil Deposits in Greece During the Inter-War Years, 1920-1940 (Christos Karampatsos)

The scientific and public discourse concerning oil and fossil fuels deposits in Greece is older than usually thought; it surfaced in the 1920s and went on until the Second World War. It gave rise to expectations for ‘prosperity and fiscal reconstitution’, as well as to fears -or aspirations- concerning the involvement of the ‘Great Powers’ into Greek affairs. It was accompanied by the emergence of relevant scientific and state institutions and was connected to state priorities as such priorities formed and evolved during a turbulent period of Greek history. Interestingly though, the much discussed Greek fossil fuel deposits of the inter-war period eventually remained buried under the earth’s crust.


Mining Landscapes in Greece, 19th-20th c.

Scientific coordinator: Leda Papastefanaki

This research project aims at deepening the understanding in the history of mining activities and the formation of the mining landscapes in Greece during 19th-20th centuries.


Aspects of the theatrical landscape: the travels of foreign actors in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Fermentations and interactions between East and West

Scientific coordinator: Constantina Georgiadi

The aim of this research project is to trace, record and process the landscapes of the wandering actors and actresses in the wider Mediterranean region and the Black Sea and to investigate the artistic and cultural interactions between the Greek and the European theatre from about mid-nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth.


"Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes" was implemented under the framework of the "Strategic Development Action of Research and Technological Bodies"

The project "METOPO: Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes" was implemented under the framework of the "Strategic Development Action of Research and Technological Bodies" and funded by the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (EPAnEK)  under the NSRF 2014-2020, with the co-sponsor European Union (European Regional Development Fund).


SeaLiT: Seafaring Lives in Transition. Mediterranean Maritime Labour and Shipping during Globalization, 1850s-1920s.


The program explores the transition from sail to steam navigation and the effects of this technological innovation on seafaring populations in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, between the 1850s and the 1920s, whose lives were drastically changed by the advent of the steam.


Advancing Young Researchers’ Human Capital in Cutting Edge Technologies in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Tackling of Societal Challenges, Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Principal Investigator Christos Hadziiossif
Collaborator Researchers Post-doctoral researchers: Spyros Tzokas, Christos Karampatsos
Funding Institution Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Advancing Young Researchers’ Human Capital in Cutting Edge Technologies in the History and the Societal Implications of Science and Innovation in the Sectors of the:
i) Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Tackling of Societal Challenges
ii) Environment and Clean energy


Mediterranean Insularities: Space, Landscape and Agriculture in Early Modern Cyprus and Crete

MedIns is a comparative spatial history of Ottoman Cyprus and Crete during the early modern period. Based on data from the conquest fiscal survey registers of Cyprus (1572) and Crete (1669-70), the project employs G.I.S. methods and digital cartographic tools to map the patterns of economic production of the two islands.


Amorium Urban Archaeology Project

Amorium Urban Archaeology Project is a multi-disciplinary archaeological project focused on understanding the evolution of the urban settlement and the social relationships through the study of built space in Byzantine Amorium.