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Promotion and material and technical documentation of Greek shipbuilding and naval history – the naval battles of Salamis and Navarino

The aim of this project is to highlight Greek maritime heritage with the creation of three exhiibtions in Eugenidis Foundation in Athens.

EPANEK Operational program, Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Innovation
Project Leader Professor Alexander Ginis, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, in collaboration with IMS-FORTH, Aegean University
Co-ordinator of FORTH team Gelina Harlaftis
Research Group IMS-FORTH Gelina Harlaftis, Apostolos Delis, Kostas Damianidis, Kostas Vlassopoulos
Funded by: The project launched in June 2020 and it is co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (project code: Τ1EDK-05103).

The NAVS project aims to bring out Greek maritime heritage through the use of new cutting-edge technologies. Specifically, in the context of the project, historical and traditional shipbuilding is digitally recorded and captured with a faithful and detailed three-dimensional display. The digitized material with the appropriate documentation are the basis for the Digital Repository of Greek Historical / Traditional Boats. The 3D material is used to build 3D shipbuilding models as well as virtual interactive experiences. The project thus aims to utilize the maritime cultural stock of our country in a range of applications, and at the same time to assist in the research on shipbuilding art and tradition.

Three exhibitions for the public have taken place as part of the project. Two of them have an anniversary character and concern two important historical moments of the naval history of Greece: the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. and the Battle of Navarino in 1827. The aim of the anniversary exhibitions is to highlight the role of ships in these historical events.  The third exhibition focuses on the promotion of shipbuilding industry in general through the presentation of historical and traditional boats.

  • For the implementation of the proposed actions, the experience, expertise and know-how of the involved partners  utilized in the areas of historical and economic documentation, development and reconstruction of digital geometric ship models, development of virtual environments and multimedia applications. The exhibition material of the two anniversary exhibitions will remain available to the public with the development of virtual museums.

Project Team

Gelina Harlaftis

Director of IMS-FORTH, Professor of Maritime History
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Apostolos Delis

Principal Researcher
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Kostas Vlassopoulos

Associate Professor of Ancient History
University of Crete
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Kostas Damianidis

Postdoctoral researcher
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