Institute for Mediterranean Studies

The Institute of Mediterranean Studies has concluded Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with foreign and Greek Universities in programs and activities that promote science through collaborations.


These collaborations include:

  • Collaboration on ongoing or new research and academic programs.
  • Cooperation between the research teams and laboratories of the Institutions. Development of joint research activities, transfer of know-how.
  • Exchange / mutual visits university members and research community (faculty and researchers of all levels, postdoctoral researchers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students) in order to promote scientific research and teaching.
  • Joint organization of scientific or research activities (e.g. conferences, workshops, lectures, summer school events, etc.)
  • Joint publications / announcements and submission of research proposals.


Memorandum  of Understanding (MoU) with the following Universities:

  • University of Carthage (Tunisia) - Scientific responsible: Dimitrios Alexakis
  • University of Berkley (USA) – Scientific responsible: Antonis Anastasopoulos
  • University of Barcelona (Spain) – Scientific responsible:  Apostolos Delis