Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Research Projects

Shared Heritage

Knowledge and Know-How on 19th and 20th c. Architectural and Urban Heritage in the Mediterranean

The project aims at improving the knowledge on the architectural forms and urban heritage of the 19th and 20th century in the Mediterranean, in view of helping at its development.

Digital Archaeological Map of Lasithi

Digital Archaeological Map of Lasithi

The major aim of the project was the creation of a Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) that contains different information layers.


Thesaurus of the Institutions of the Communities of the Archbishopric of Constantinople - Anthemion

The project aimed at locating, recording, photographing and assessing the value of the archival material which is preserved in institutions or private archives of the communities of the Archbishopric of Constantinople. The result of the project is a catalogue of approximately 300 pages of 26 archives.