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Research Projects

First Period

The city in modern times

This project, in collaboration with the General State Archives of Cyclades, aimed mainly at the creation of an exemplary database for Ermoupolis of Syros (19th-20th century), by processing the most important sources that are available for the city: municipal registers, population censuses, civil records, notarial and judicial records, proceedings of the municipal council, archives of educational and philanthropic institutions, and other evidence that constitute series.


Itanos Archaeological Research Program

The archaeological research program at Itanos began in 1994 under the scientific patronage of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of Rethymno and the French School of Archaeology at Athens. In collaboration with the XXIVth Ephoria of Prehistorical and Classical Antiquities, a team from the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne conducted an archaeological survey in the surroundings of Itanos.

The Christian communities of Cappadocia

The Christian communities of Cappadocia

The project of study of the Christian communities of Cappadocia focuses on the historical development of those communities from the mid-18th century

Archive of Modern Greek prosody

Archive of Modern Greek prosody

The main products of the project are the Archive of Modern Greek Prosody, which is today housed at the IMS and is at the disposal of all interested researchers, and the Bibliography of Modern Greek Prosody (2000). The Archive includes the classified entries of the bibliography either in photocopied or printed form.

Archaeology and Politics

Archaeology and Politics

The objective of the project, which aspires to create a study centre for the history of archaeology in Crete, is the investigation into the direct or indirect influence of political considerations in the development of the discipline of archaeology in Greece.

Korais as Classical Philologist

Korais as Classical Philologist

The purpose of the research program was to investigate Korai's contribution to the restoration of the texts of ancient Greek writers, based mainly on his criticisms and corrective remarks contained in anecdotal manuscripts or inserted in the margins of his personal library, preserved in the Korai Library of Chios as well as the evaluation of Korai's entire literary activity and its integration into the European literary literature of his day.


Strategies to Improve and Protect Soil Quality from the Disposal of Olive Oil Mills' Wastes in the Mediterranean Region

This collaborative project between Greece (Soil Science Institute of Athens / SSIA-NAGREF, Institute of Mediterranean Studies / IMS-FORTH and Technical University of Greece / TUC), Spain (Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas / CEBAS-CSIC) and Italy (Regional Centre for Agricultural Experimentation and Assistance / CERSAA) aims towards the development and dissemination of innovative, environment friendly, low cost technologies for the protection of soil and water pollution from olive oil mills' wastes, the establishment of an info-library/knowledge-base system to assess environmental impacts from olive oil mills' wastes to Mediterranean region, the facilitation of an implementation of Soil Thematic Strategy in areas close to olive oil mills, the Design, implementation and support a monitoring system for the assessment of the soil and water quality affected directly or indirectly from oil mills' activities in relation to factors pressures and responses, as well as the Identification of potential safest uses in the agricultural sector of olive oil mills' wastes and its possible contribution to agricultural production.

E-market-path E4

E-market-path E4: Online Routes on the E4 Trail (Rethymnon-Paphos-Larnaca)

In the framework of the project the Laboratory developed a dynamic webpage for the path E4 of the prefecture of Rethymno combining multimedia, databases and Geographical Information Sustems (GIS).

Sikyon Survey Project

Sikyon Survey Project

The project is concerned with the geophysical investigations which are being carried out at the archaeological site of Sikyon.

Greek Traditional Music

Greek Traditional Music

Primary Investigator Giorgos Amargianakis †, Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Athens

Historical and Archaeological Testimonies on the Water Environment and the Management of Water Resources in Crete during the Venetian and Ottoman Period

Historical and Archaeological Testimonies on the Water Environment and the Management of Water Resources in Crete during the Venetian and Ottoman Period

The long history of water resource management on the island of Crete, at the heart of the eastern Mediterranean, is full of significant achievements in the design and construction of a variety of water-related infrastructure (pertaining to water supply, transport, distribution, etc.) through which the different local cultures have met their diverse needs of water supply in changing climatic conditions.

Neolithic Thessaly

Re-evaluation of the Dynamics of the Thessalian Neolithic Period: Habitation Patterns and Resource Management

The goal of the research project was the development of methodologies for the registration and mapping of the Neolithic settlements of Thessaly through geomorphological approaches and the use of Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS.



Aim of the project is the development of an Expert System for the Monitoring, Management & Protection of the Natural  Landscape & Environmental Resources of the Island of Crete.


The Violin Tradition in the Cretan Traditional Music, "THALETAS" in the context of EPET II


The aim of the research program was to conduct extensive ethno-musicological research to record the living violin tradition in the island of Crete.


Time Perception and Mechanical Timekeepers in the Greek Lands, 18th-20th c.

Research Coordinator: Andreas Lyberatos
Research Group: Marinos Sariyannis, Dimitrios Charitatos


Egeria: Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage

The project focuses on pilgrimage sites, the immovable and movable pilgrimage monuments that are interspersed in the Mediterranean landscape and its aim was the establishment of a network of cooperation for the documentation, preservation, enhancement and promotion of pilgrimage monuments.


InteractiveGraveyard Information Management Tool & Virtual MemoriamDatabase

The e-MEM project seeks to create the foundation for a tool that enables ubiquitous exchange of graveyard and related information over the web.


Interactive System for Improving the Release of Tourist and Historical Data - DIAVATIS

Aim of the project is to create an interactive information system for the management and promotion of the cultural heritage and the natural environment of the islands of Greece.