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DEcision system For Irrigation in Crete based on Innovative Technologies - DE.F.I.C.I.T

:The purpose of the proposed project is to establish an integrated spatial decision-making system in large-scale (Crete Water District) with the aim of: (a) precisely identifying irrigation needs, according to optimal crop yields and proper management of water resources; b) designing optimal adaptation scenarios for the agricultural sector in the light of upcoming climate change; and c)  the dynamic integration of the above information through the creation of a platform for immediate and real-time updated information to be provided to businesses and entities, whose actions are directly related to the optimal design and management of land improvement projects in the Region of Crete.


Διαχρονικά τοπία πολιτισμού της Κρήτης: Αναδεικνύοντας τον θαλάσσιο και ορεινό πλούτο του Μιραμπέλου

Διαχρονικά τοπία πολιτισμού της Κρήτης: Αναδεικνύοντας τον θαλάσσιο και ορεινό πλούτο του Μιραμπέλου


Actions to protect and promote the biodiversity of ecosystems and of areas of natural beauty of the Ionian Islands through "smart" systems of detection, recording, digital mapping and pressures management

The BIOnian project aims at identifying, recording, mapping and developing "smart" tools for monitoring and identifying the Ionian Islands Region species that are related, supported or used as habitat for the Region's territorial resources.


Cultures and Remembrances

CuRe: Cultures and Remembrances – Virtual time travels to the encounters of people from the 13th to 20th centuries: The Cretan experience

αποφ.ενταξης αρ.πρωτ. 87542/Ι4/29-5-2018


The Rural Economy of Crete in the Early Modern Period: A GIS Approach

The project aims at studying the rural economy of Ottoman Crete combining the use of unpublished Ottoman archival material with applications offered by new technologies, such as the Geographical Information Systems (GIS).


Biography as a source of Theatre History: biographies of Greek and foreign actors in the Greek and the Diaspora press from the 19th century to the Asia Minor Catastrophe. A contribution to the history of acting

The research project will focus on the identification, collection and processing of biographies and portraits of Greek and foreign actors in magazines, newspapers and annual calendars published in many cities of Greece (Athens, Syros, Mytilene, Patras etc), but also in the urban centers of the Greek Diaspora (Cairo, Alexandria, Constantinople, Smyrna, Philippopolis, etc.). The material will be classified chronologically, will be listed and analyzed. The data will be inserted into electronic databases and the results of the project will be disseminated through an anthology of biographical texts and with the presentation and publication of relevant articles in scientific journals and conferences.