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Department of Theatre Studies

The Department of Theatre Studies of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies is the first research program in Greece that that has systematically been conducting original research in the field of the History of Modern Greek Theatre. The theatre research department holds so far the largest collection of information from the daily and periodical Press concerning the theatrical activity of Greek and foreign troupes across the wider geographic area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. During its thirty years of existence, the department has targeted on three main axes: a. the exhaustive collection of primary sources and archival material for the study of Modern Greek Theatre; b. the continuous training of young researchers on the methods of historical theatre research; and c. the systematic production of new research and comprehensive studies on the history of Modern Greek Theatre.

In parallel, this Department aims at studying Greek cinema and of its relations with foreign cinema and Greek theatre through research on film-related primary sources and archival material.


Constantina Georgiadi

Principal Researcher, Department Coordinator Theatre and Film Studies
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Antonis Glytzouris

Theatre Department, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University Thessaloniki
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Panayiota Mini

Associate Professor of Film History
Department of Philology, University of Crete
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Ιoulia Pipinia

Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies
Department of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tania Neofytou

Postdoctoral researcher

Vania Papanikolaou

Postdoctoral researcher
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Maria Sehopoulou

Postdoctoral researcher

Thodoros Hadjipantazis

IMS Honorary Fellow, Professor Emeritus
Department of Philology, University of Crete
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Research Projects


Aspects of the theatrical landscape: the travels of foreign actors in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Fermentations and interactions between East and West

Scientific coordinator: Constantina Georgiadi

The aim of this research project is to trace, record and process the landscapes of the wandering actors and actresses in the wider Mediterranean region and the Black Sea and to investigate the artistic and cultural interactions between the Greek and the European theatre from about mid-nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth.

Sources Modern Greek Theatre

Sources of the History of Modern Greek Theatre

The main objective of this research project is the creation of a national database which will include all available sources for the study and research of the Modern Greek Theater. In the project Sources of History of Modern Greek Theatre a wealth of evidence on the theatrical activity of the travels of Greek acting companies across the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea has been collected so far. The main focus of the program since its foundation is the introduction of new theatre scientists in the field of research methodology in the history of Modern Greek Theatre and Culture through systematic research training through their continuous processing of archival material and documentation.

The Revival of Ancient Drama in Modern Greek Theatre

The Revival of Ancient Drama in Modern Greek Theatre

The study of the phenomenon of the revival of ancient drama in Modern Greece is carried out by the project of the History of Modern Greek Theatre in the context of a wider project of study of the Ancient Theatre. Part of the Athens Press has been card-indexed, as has a considerable number of projects, albums and volumes dedicated to the revival of the ancient theatre. The result of the project is the creation of an electronic archive of performances of ancient drama in modern times which covers the period from 1817 until today.

Ancient Theater Project

Ancient Theater Electronic Documention Project

The IMS Ancient Theater Project aims at collecting into an electronic data-base all possible information about ancient drama as theatrical praxis and cultural activity within the wider geographical boundaries of the Greek speaking world (although the areas of overlapping between Greek and Roman theater are considerable from the late Hellenistic period onwards).


Biography as a source of Theatre History: biographies of Greek and foreign actors in the Greek and the Diaspora press from the 19th century to the Asia Minor Catastrophe. A contribution to the history of acting

The research project will focus on the identification, collection and processing of biographies and portraits of Greek and foreign actors in magazines, newspapers and annual calendars published in many cities of Greece (Athens, Syros, Mytilene, Patras etc), but also in the urban centers of the Greek Diaspora (Cairo, Alexandria, Constantinople, Smyrna, Philippopolis, etc.). The material will be classified chronologically, will be listed and analyzed. The data will be inserted into electronic databases and the results of the project will be disseminated through an anthology of biographical texts and with the presentation and publication of relevant articles in scientific journals and conferences.