Institute for Mediterranean Studies

The Department of Ancient History deals with a wide range of topics related to the economic, social, political and cultural history of the Mediterranean and the Near East in the course of antiquity. At the heart of the Department's interests is the development of the theoretical and methodological tools necessary for the study of ancient societies and cultures in a modern and interdisciplinary way. In this context, recent activities of the Department include the organization of a workshop on social network theories and their application to the study of antiquity and the organization of an international conference on the various aspects of historical change in antiquity.

In 2019, in collaboration with the Department of Ancient Greek Literature of the IMS, the Department organized the first summer school for the history, archaeology and culture of ancient Crete, entitled "The Lost World of Ancient Crete". The summer school was taught by historians, archaeologists and philologists from various institutions in Greece and abroad and involved undergraduate and postgraduate students from China, Britain, the USA and Greece. Organizing the Summer School for Ancient Crete on an annual basis is one of the main educational activities of the Department.