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Structural Stability Risk Assessment

Structural Stability Risk Assessment

Europe has rich and diverse Cultural Heritage (CH) resources, which include urban and rural landscapes, comprising standing monuments, artefacts and historical centres. A continuous loss of the predefined value of monuments is observed both globally and in European scale caused by different reasons (e.g. land movements and seismic activity). More specifically a large number of sites are continuously impacted and weathered by several internal and external factors, both natural and human-induced, with slow onset (landslides, sinkholes, subsidence) and rapid onset like earthquakes and land movement derived by extreme meteorological events. All these phenomena increase the effects of the deformation processes and ultimately impact on the structural stability of the architectural structures, buildings and artefacts, standing on it.

STABLE project (STructural stABiLity risk assEssment), funded by H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018 - Grant Agreement 823966, aims to develop and integrate novel risk forecasting models with on ground and Remote Sensing (RS) methods for CH safeguard in the European scenarios. The project provides consistent transfer of the most advanced knowledge and training in these techniques for researchers and professionals at European level, it will improve the career prospects and develop their skills in the use of integrated multidisciplinary techniques for civil engineering applied to CH in the framework of an international network of academia and SMEs.

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