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This project was implemented under the framework of the "Strategic Development Action of Research and Technological Bodies" and funded by the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (EPAnEK) under the NSRF 2014-2020, with the co-sponsor European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

Port landscapes in the Aegean (19th-20th centuries)

Scientific coordinator: Apostolos Delis

Research subject and objectives:

  • The development of port systems and the improvement of port infrastructure have been fundamental to the growth of maritime trade and shipping in the eastern Mediterranean from the mid-19th century onward. In this pattern of economic development, regions of the Aegean and the Black Sea were inextricably linked. In this context is included the development of the Greek-owned fleet that carried a significant part of the Black Sea trade and formed the shipping centers of Ermoupolis, Piraeus and maritime communities in smaller places (Chios, Andros, Santorini).
  • However, the evolution of the volume of trade in the ports of the Aegean did not keep pace with the evolution of port infrastructure. The improvement of port infrastructure was lagging behind, and issues of state policy, economic nature and know-how did not help to synchronize with the needs of ever-increasing volume of shipping.
  • Therefore, the questions that researchers are asked to consider are: a) the phases of development of port infrastructure and the factors that contributed in this direction, b) how this affects and determines the position of each port in the international port network and  maritime transport system and c) how the two above shape the character of the port (export, transit, etc.) and consequently the economic and social landscape of the inhabitants in relation to the professions and activities (development of factories, shipyards, real estate services, etc.).

Project Team

Apostolos Delis

Principal Researcher
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Thomas Kalesios

PhD candidate

Thanasis Nasiaras

PhD candidate

Aspasia Chalkiadaki

Postgraduate student
University of Crete
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