Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Thanasis Nasiaras

Ph.D. candidate
Centre of Maritime History

Thanasis Nasiaras was born in Larisa, in 1987. He studied history at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After his graduation, he took his first Master Degree in Modern and Contemporary European and World History when he was specialized in social and economic modern and contemporary Greek history. Ηis Master’s thesis was a comparative study related to the history of the three official defaults of the Greek State in 1843, 1893 and 1932. He continued his postgraduate studies in political science, where he explored the methodology and the analytical tools of Political Theory and Philosophy. In particular, he tried to analyze some aspects of the phenomenon of neoliberalism, such as the role of antagonism, of state and market and finally debt. Now he is studying for a PhD at the Ionian University in social and economic history, especially in maritime history and he is a fellow of Institute for Mediterranean Studies. The title of his thesis is «Thessaloniki in transition. Economic and social evolution of a port-city from the beginning of the 20th century until the end of Interwar». He has also participated in number of history congresses and seminars. Finally, his main research interests include themes from the field of social, economic and maritime history of modern and contemporary period.