Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Kokkinaki, M.; Elvanidou, M.; Karimali, E.; Kaskanioti, M.; Katifori, M.; Sarris, A.; Lazaridou, O.; Peraki, E.; Trigkas, V.; Chaviaras, G.; Chetzoyiannaki, N., "Creating a Geographically Registered Database for Cemeteries", ESRI 21st European Conference on ArcGIS Users, November 7-8.

The Institute for Mediterranean Studies was involved in the mapping of 3 representative cemeteries in Greece as part of a larger project (e-Mem) falling under the umbrella of e_Content of the E.U. The goal of the project was to create a geographically registered database of the graves and the deceased to be used as a management tool for the cemeteries.

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