Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Mediterranean Wooden Shipbuilding. Economy, Technology and Institutions in Syros in the Nineteenth Century
ISBN: 978-90-04-30614-1

Apostolos Delis, Mediterranean wooden shipbuilding: Economy, technology and institutions in Syros in the nineteenth century. Brill, 2015 10.1163/9789004306158.

The book analyses the wooden shipbuilding industry of port of Syros, an important maritime and commercial crossroad in the nineteenth century eastern Mediterranean. The main axes of analysis are the economic, technical and institutional aspects of the industry in relation to the wider international context of shipping and trade. Based on unpublished archival sources, multi-language secondary literature and the employment of interdisciplinary theoretical tools Apostolos Delis not only highlights the national and comparatively international significance of Syros shipbuilding industry, but also contributes to our knowledge in the current literature on wooden shipbuilding in Mediterranean with an exemplar as well as unknown up to now case study.

  • Απόστολος Δελής