Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Melina Tamiolaki

Professor in Ancient Greek Literature
University of Crete
Department of the Ancient and Byzantine World

Melina Tamiolaki is Associate Professor in Ancient Greek Literature at the University of Crete (Department of Philology). She specializes in Greek historiography. She is the author of the monograph Liberté et esclavage chez les historiens grecs classiques (Paris, Presses Universitaires Paris-Sorbonne, 2010). Besides numerous articles, she has also edited and co-edited the following collective volumes: (with Antonis Tsakmakis) Thucydides Between History and Literature (Berlin, Walter de Gruyter 2013); Comic Wreath. New Trends in the Study of Ancient Greek Comedy (Rethymnon 2014, Editions of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Crete-in modern Greek); Methodological Perspectives in Classical Studies. Old Problems and New Challenges (Heraklion 2017, Crete University Press-in modern Greek); (with A. Kampakoglou, A. Novokhatko et alii), Gaze, Vision, and Visuality in Ancient Greek Literature (Berlin, Walter de Gruyter, 2018), (with Nikos Miltsios), Polybius and his Legacy (Berlin, Walter de Gruyter, 2018), and Xenophon and Isocrates: Political Affinities and Literary Interactions (Thematic Issue of the Journal Trends in Classics, 2018).

Selected Publications