Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Lambros Baltsiotis

Assistant Professor
Panteion University

Dr. Lambros BALTSIOTIS is an assistant professor of the History of Minorities in the Balkans in Panteion University (Athens). His main scientific interests are linguistic and religious diversity and citizenship in Greece and the Balkans, migration, Roma, minorities and ethnicity issues in the nation-state. A number of his publications focus on institutional and legal changes related to minorities, population movements and citizenship in the 19th and 20th centuries Balkans.

He studied law at the Democritus University of Thrace and continued with studies in history (Diplôme d’EHESS), at the EHESS in Paris and a PhD in modern history at Panteion University in Athens. From September 2017 up to July 2019 he was appointed Special Secretary of Citizenship in the Ministry of Interior. He had previously worked (from the year 2003) at the Office of the Greek Ombudsman [GO] as a senior investigator at the Human Rights Department. 

His research projects and publications include nationalism, minorities, ethnolinguistic groups, migration and citizenship issues in Greece, the Balkans, Europe, Caucasus and South East Asia. He is currently working on religious conversions in the Greek state, the History of Roma in Greece, Albanian-speaking communities in Greece and Turkey, historical and current statelessness in the Balkans and the modern invention of Albanian Church in Azerbaijan.