Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Tasos Kostopoulos

Postdoctoral researcher

Tasos Kostopoulos studied Law at the University of Athens, holds a Ph.D. in Modern History by the Social Anthropology and History Department of the University of the Aegean and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at IMS-FORTH for the ERC-funded project RICONTRANS. Visual Culture, Piety and Propaganda: Transfer and Reception of Russian Religious Art in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean (2020-2022). A journalist by profession since his early twenties, and a founding member of the collective group “O Ios” (1990-2015), he worked for the dailies Avgi (1985-1987) and Eleftherotypia (1990-2012), the magazine Scholiastis (1986-1990) and, after 2012, for the cooperative daily Efimerida ton Syntakton. He participated in 61 scientific workshops and conferences in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Lebanon, the U.S.A. and Japan, as well as in the HFRI-funded research projects “Brutal Intimacies. A History of Rape in Modern Greece, 1900s-1960s” και “The Public Debate on the Prespa Agreement”. He has published 38 academic articles or book chapters in Greek, English or French, and seven monographs, all of them in Greek: The Prohibited Language. State Repression of Slavic Dialects in Greek Macedonia (2000); Self-Censored Memory. WWII Security Battalions and Post-War “National Correctness” (2005); War and Ethnic Cleansing. The Forgotten Aspect of a Ten-Year National Campaign, 1912-1922 (2007); A ‘Macedonian Question’ in Thrace: State Policies Concerning the Pomak Population, 1956-2008 (2009); Red December. On the Question of Revolutionary Violence (2016); Police and “Extremism” after the Colonels’ Downfall. The Gikas Report and Other Documents (2017); National Parties and early Macedonism. The Social and Political Dimension of National Strife in late Ottoman Macedonia (2022).

Selected Publications