Protection measures against the spread of the coronavirus

We would like to inform you about the contents of Government Gazette Number 4829 / Β / 02.11.2020 that we have just received relating to Public service, following the decisions taken in collaboration with the Health and Safety Committee of FORTH.

Regarding the epidemiological levels, the Region of Crete belongs to the surveillance level.

The Government Gazette contents include:

Administrative measures (valid until 30.11.2020)

  1. Mandatory protection of high-risk employees for Covid-19 by granting special leave of absence and providing teleworking, where possible
  2. Mandatory teleworking at 50% of the employees, if their working duties permit it.
  3. Mandatory maintaining of safe distance 1.5 meters indoors and outdoors and obligatory use of a mask
  4. Work meetings under the following conditions:

Maximum number of 50 people if the area allows it, either indoor or outdoor, provided that a constant distance of 1.5 meters is achieved between the participants.

Case management protocol

There is no reference regarding the Case Management Protocol In the new Government Gazette. Therefore the "Case Management Protocol for public service"  (dated 01/10/2020) that was sent to all-users on 20/10/2020 on behalf of the FORTH's occupational doctor is still valid. 

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