Online Lecture on «Damascius' Commentary on the Last Hypotheses of the Parmenides» by Pantelis Golitsis

With the kind support of the A. S. Onassis Foundation (2023 grant), the research project “Between Athens & Alexandria. Platonism, 3rd-7th c. CE” (2022-2024), in collaboration with the Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, organise a lecture series on late antique Neoplatonism. The meetings take place on Zoom at 7.00 pm (Athens time). The Spring 2024 lectures focus on Neoplatonic commentaries on Plato’s dialogues, which, together with Aristotelian hypomnemata, form the main way of philosophising in Late Antiquity, and beyond. 
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Οn Thurdsay Mar. 28, at 19:00 (Athens time) Associate Professor Pantelis Golitsis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) will give a lecture on «Damascius' Commentary on the Last Hypotheses of the Parmenides».

According to Proclus, the last four (out of nine) hypotheses of Plato’s Parmenides were interpreted since Plutarch of Athens as determining the unreal: what would happen if the One did not exist? In my talk, I discuss Damascius’ appeal to “the most accurate of the exegetes”, i.e. Iamblichus, and his novel interpretation, according to which the last hypotheses discussed in the second part of the Platonic dialogue have real objects.

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