1st Meeting of Balkan History

Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH and École Française d’Athènes

venue: ΙΜS/FORTH
Nikiforou Foka 130 & Melissinou, Rethymno 74100 Crete


Session 1 February 20, 16:30-21:00

Albanians and Greeks: connected patterns in historiography

1st panel 16:30-19:00 chair Andreas Lyberatos, Panteion University

Şükrü Ilıcak, IMS/FORTH: The Albanian factor in the Greek War of Independence

Nikos Sigalas, CETOBaC/EHESS: The Pelasgians in the 19th century between “Hellenism” and “Albanism”: a double-edged strategy of identification

Paraskevas Matalas, University of Crete: Two letters of Gjergj Fishta to Maurice Barrès

Coffee break 19:00-19:20

2nd panel 19:20-21:00 chair Tassos Kostopoulos, IMS/FORTH

Leonidas Embiricos, Centre for Asia Minor Studies: The Arvanite identity movement in Greece from 1974 to 1990

Gilles de Rapper, École française d’Athènes: The return of the Pelasgians: “Neo-Pelasgianism” in Post-Socialist Albania as a Greek-Albanian affair


Session 2 February 21, 10:00-14:30

Interstate relations, politics and nationalism in the Cold War

1st panel 10:00-12:30 chair Sokratis Petmezas, University of Crete and IMS/FORTH

Elias Skoulidas, University of Ioannina: “Especially distinct”:  Policies, ideologies, mentalities of the "Party of Labour of Albania" in the Cold War Era

Agustín Cosovschi, École française d’Athènes: Yugoslav non-alignment from peaceful coexistence to détente

Tassos Kostopoulos, IMS/FORTH: Fiend’s Friends: what we know about Greece’s participation in clandestine operations against Albania during the Cold War

Coffee break 12:30-12:50

2nd panel 12:50-14:00 chair Gilles de Rapper, École française d’Athènes

Lambros Baltsiotis, Panteion University: The politics of citizenship in Greece and Turkey as a means of inclusion and exclusion from the nation during the Cold War era

Athena Skoulariki, University of Crete: Politics of unnaming: Greek political discourse on the Macedonian minority issue in the post-WWII decades

Conclusions 14:00-14:30


Organising Committee

Sokratis Petmezas, University of Crete and IMS/FORTH
Tassos Kostopoulos, IMS/FORTH
Gilles de Rapper, École française d’Athènes
Nikos Sigalas, CETOBaC/EHESS

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