The social sciences and humanities on carnival

Time: 19:00

The social sciences and humanities on carnival

Yannis Kiourtsakis, writer: Bakhtin on carnival

Katerina Sergidou, gender and feminist studies researcher / social anthropologist, Panteion University / University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU):      Anthropological approaches to the contemporary carnival: liminality, gender and communities of resistance

Regina Zervou, cultural studies researcher, University of Patras: Greek folklore studies about the carnival

Panayota Klagka, art historian: Art history and carnival

Chair: Nikos Potamianos, historian, IMS-FORTH


Two online discussions  on the history of carnival and the way carnival has been studied by social sciences and humanities are being organized by IMS-FORTH, the journal Ta Historica and Cretan University Press. Follow the link here.