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Ottoman Political Thought up to the Tanzimat: A Concise History View file
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ISBN: 978-618-81780-1-4

Marinos Sariyannis (with a chapter by Ekin Tuşalp Atiyaş), Ottoman Political Thought up to the Tanzimat: A Concise History, Rethymno: Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas – Institute for Mediterranean Studies, 2015.

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The monograph, which is available in digital form from the OTTPOL website (“Excellence II”), is the main product of the project. It is a reference study, which brings together the available sources of Ottoman political thought, categorising them into wider ideological trends and seeking their interconnection with socio-political developments. From the last sparks of gaza ideology and the first evidence of Persian political philosophy in the 15th century to the apologists of the West-oriented Military Reforms in the early 19th century, the book constitutes an attempt to study, as comprehensively as possible, a multitude of theories and views, aiming at identifying ideological trends rather than simply recording texts and writers. For the first time, a comprehensive study of the evolution of Ottoman thought, which covers published and unpublished material both from the political literature as such and from legal, geographical or even magical-prognostic works, is attempted.

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