Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Kouli, M.; Alexakis, D.; Vallianatos, F.; Soupios, P.; Sarris, A.; Xepapadaki, Aik.; Zoumpouloglou, N., "Integration of Geographic Information Systems in Technological Education . An example in the Geo-environmental sciences", IASME / WSEAS International Conference on ENGINEERING EDUCATION, July 8-10, pp. 487–492.

In this work we provide a description of a problem-solving under-graduate research project which is being carried out in the Department of Natural Resources & Environment of Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece. Geographic Information Systems and Hydrological data integration has been proved an efficient tool of learning process associated with technical skills. A multi-layered decision-making module that provides feedback and allows multiple final solutions is proposed. Apart from the pure educational character of the thesis, our aim is the quantification of the hydrologic regime of the Chania prefecture area and the development of a sustainable water management plan, which will be easily adopted from the local authorities. For this reason we have created several thematic maps using as source hydrological, hydro-geological, meteorological and elevation data.

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