Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Sarris, A.; Kakoulaki, G.; Panagiotakis, N., "GIS analysis of Archaeological Data from Pediada Survey, Herakleion, Crete, Greece", ESRI 21 st European Conference on ArcGIS Users, November 7-8.

The Pediada survey is an interdisciplinary project, based on fieldwork carried out between 1982 and 1989 by the archaeologist Dr. Niko Panagiotaki. The project covered a total area of 800 sq. km. in the Omphalion Pedion. More than one thousand new archaeological sites have come to light through the Project. The Pediada region was settled from the Neolithic Period; the highest peaks of site density are during the Bronze Age (especially the Old and New Palace Periods), the Archaic, the Roman and the Venetian periods. The aim of the project is to understand and reconstruct human activity in the Pediada from the Neolithic Period to the present and to clarify the relationship between people and their environment. The involvement of the Laboratory is focusing on the development of an electronic database for archiving the archaeological information and the creation of a Geographical Information System for the geographical and spatial processing of the sites.

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