Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Sarris, A.; Vallianatos, F.; Soupios, P.; Papadopoulos, I.; Savvaidis, A., "Exploring the Geological Parameters of Urbanized Centers at the Island of Crete through Geophysical Approaches", IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, July 11-13, pp. 622-628.

The application of geophysical techniques in urbanized environment encounters a suite of problems depending on the structure and the construction density of the urban centers. On the other hand, information resulting from the different geophysical methods can become a valuable tool for the management and planning authorities. This kind of information is critical in areas exposed in different risks, such as earthquake, erosion, landslides, a.o. This paper investigates the suitability of a range of different methodologies applied in the urban centers of the island of Crete, Greece, in order to explore and define the geological characteristics of them. Emphasis is also given in the way of dissemination of the data through the WEB.

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