Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Gianluca Cantoro

Postdoctoral researcher
Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment

Gianluca is landscape archaeologist and photointerpreter. His background is in Roman provinces archaeology (BA and MA at the University of Pisa, Italy) and aerial archaeology of mountainous landscapes (PhD on Crete at the University of Foggia, Italy). He is an active member in international communities of remote sensing experts and he often organizes workshops and summerschool in Europe, serving as aerial or ground tutor.

He had the opportunity to organize the first aerial archaeological survey in Crete (first flights in 2009 for INSTAP and then 2011 for IMS-FORTH) and the main idea for this project started then. His actual fields of interest involve the use of modern digital technologies and tools (digital laser scanning and aerial/ground photogrammetry) for the documentation and study of cultural heritage.

Selected Publications