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Ethan Bragg Rummel
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Ethan Bragg Rummel

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete
Department of the Ancient and Byzantine World

E.B. Rummel was born in Colorado Springs in 1997 and graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2020, earning an MA (Hon.) in Latin Studies with his dissertation, “Peculium and the Roman Slave Family”. He continued at the University of Edinburgh to earn an MSc in Classics in 2021, successfully defending his dissertation, “Slavery in Roman Etruria: A Study of Agency Through Inscriptions”. As of 2023, he is a doctoral candidate at the University of Crete, researching the intersection of Roman slavery and religion through the lens of epigraphy.

Research interests: History of Slavery, Latin Epigraphy, Roman Religion, Roman Prosopography