Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Marianna Katifori

Ph.D. candidate
Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment

Marianna Katifori is a PhD candidate in Archaeology and grant-holder at the University of Crete. She has a MSc in Cultural Information Systems & Cultural Heritage Management. She is studying the archaeological evidence and topography of the rural landscape of Crete during the Venetian period, through her PhD research: “Settlements patterns of Sitia region: the evidence of the Venetian period churches”. She first focused on spatial dynamics and GIS analyses through her master thesis “Mapping Merabello region of Venetian period: the role of the monasteries in the landscape through a GIS application” (2005). She has years of experience in excavation and restoration, as an employee of the Archaeological Service, Ministry of Culture. She has worked in cultural documentation projects for the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH and participated in several projects of geophysics, mapping, digitization and documentation conducted by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies - FORTH.