Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Konstantinos Roussos

Postdoctoral researcher
Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment

Konstantinos Roussos is a doctor of Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology. His thesis was published in 2017 as a monograph in the series Archaeological Studies Leiden University (ASLU), under the title Reconstructing the Settled Landscape of the Cyclades: The islands of Paros and Naxos during the Late Antique and Early Byzantine centuries. Apart from his personal research in the Cyclades, he has been involved in a number of field and research projects in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. He has participated for many years in the systematic excavation of the University of Crete at the ancient city of Eleutherna, Crete (directed by Dr Ch. Tsigonaki). He has also been involved in the archaeological field project of the University of Cyprus “Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus” (directed by Dr A. Vionis). In 2014-2015 he worked as PhD Research Fellow in the archaeological project “DynByzCrete: Recapturing the Dynamics of the Early Byzantine Settlements in Crete: Old problems - New Interpretations through an Interdisciplinary Approach” hosted at the IMS/FORTH and directed by Dr Ch. Tsigonaki. He is also involved as Research Fellow in the “Amorium Urban Archaeology Project” conducted by the IMS/FORTH as part of the greater “Amorium Excavations Project” of Anadolu University (Eskisehir, Turkey). In 2018 he worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies - FORTH in the framework of the research programme: “In Times of Crisis: Fortified spaces in Crete (7th-9th c.)”, which is part of the project "METOPO - Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes”. During the winter semester 2019-2020 he is teaching fellow (Π.Δ.407/8) in Byzantine Archaeology at the University of Crete.