Academic meeting with subject «Wooden shipbuilding at Ermoupolis in the nineteenth century»


On Friday 27 January 2017 at Ionic Center, in Plaka, Athens, took place the academic meeting with subject Wooden shipbuilding at Ermoupolis in the nineteenth century based on the newly released book of Dr Apostolos Delis, researcher at IMS/FORTH, entitled Mediterranean Wooden Shipbuilding. Economy, Technology and Institutions in Syros in the Nineteenth Century, (BRILL, 2015).

The meeting was coordinated by Prof. Gelina Harlaftis (Ionian University), and the speakers were Prof. Christina Agriantoni (University of Thessaly), Christos Hadziiossif (University of Crete) and Dr Kostas Damianidis. The author Dr Apostolos Delis had also the opportunity to discuss issues raised by the speakers regarding the transition from sail to steam in Syros, in Greece and abroad, as well as about the typology and technology of vessels built in the shipyards of Syros, the factors of production of the shipbuilding industry, like the labour force, raw materials etc.