International Conference: Conceptualizing Crisis in Antiquity - Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

The conference is part of the research project Leaders and Crisis Management in Ancient Greek Literature, funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation and hosted at IMS/FORTH. Its aim is to trigger a broad reflection on the phenomenon of crisis in Antiquity, by focusing on terms and concepts. Some of the research questions that will be addressed are the following: What are the different meanings and nuances of the ancient Greek term κρίσις (crisis) and how has it evolved over time? Which terms are employed in ancient civilizations to denote crisis and with what nuances? How did different cultures conceptualize crisis and which factors influenced their conceptualization? If terms related to crisis are absent, how is crisis depicted? (e.g. in ancient art, material culture etc.?) How are the different types of crisis represented? (e.g. political, emotional etc.?) In which ways can modern theories on crisis (e.g. sociological, political, philosophical, digital) illuminate our understanding of crisis in Antiquity? Conversely, to what extent do ancient representations of crisis have affinities with our modern concepts and experiences of crisis?

Melina Tamiolaki
(University of Crete and IMS/FORTH):
Markus Zimmermann
(University of Bayreuth):


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