Online Lecture on «Porphyry and Macrobius on the Automotricity of the Soul» by Adrien Lecerf

Within the framework of the Research Project “Between Athens & Alexandria. Platonism, 3rd-7th c. CE” (2022-2024) supported by the A. S. Onassis Foundation, the IMS-FORTH, in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Center for Hellenistic Studies (ACHS), organizes a monthly online lecture series on late antique Neoplatonism (3rd-7th c. CE).
The series hosts invited talks in English or French by leading scholars in the field. Lectures take place via Zoom at 7pm Athens & Alexandria. Prior registration is required.
The topic of the 2023 talks is "Porphyry, Iamblichus, and 4th Century Neoplatonism".
All welcome!

Οn Thursday, December 7, at 19:00 (Athens time) Dr Adrien Lecerf (Centre Léon Robin-CNRS & Sorbonne Universités) will give a lecture on “Porphyry and Macrobius on the Automotricity of the Soul” (FR - « Porphyre et Macrobe sur l'automotricité de l'âme »)

In this talk, we will examine a section of Macrobius' commentary on the Dream of Scipio (II, 13-16) in defense of Plato against the Aristotelian critique of Plato's thesis of the automotricity of the soul. We will attempt to show that Porphyry is Macrobius’ source and to identify Porphyry’s lost work to which the relevant texts belong.

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